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Magic Lift Coat Stain Remover

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Magic Lift Coat Stain Remover for Tears, Saliva and Paws



  • Tears Stains
  • Pink Legs.
  • Pink Paws
  • Stained Beards
  • 250ml Bottle (8oz)

for Tears, Saliva stains from licking,  or dribbling, Wet feet and beards.  Anywhere that the coat has pink, red or brownstains

The darker the stain the more applications you will need.  Be patient it will gently lighten and lift.


Advanced formula that will whiten the coat with several applications that is safe for eyes  and will not harm the coat

Weight 1.4 lbs

1 review for Magic Lift Coat Stain Remover

  1. Valerie Bradley (verified owner)

    I’ve bought 5 bottles of Magic Lift since 2019… in 2019 I became the “retirement home” for RBIS GCH Bark Bark’s Eagle Globe and Anchor… Gunny…! when I started noticing tear stains and there never were any in his past show pictures the breeder told me about Magic Lift… been using it ever since…
    …i’ve owned Samoyeds for 30+ years and this is the only product that really works on tear stains… my 10 year old girl is starting to get a little tear staining and am now using it on her as well… fabulous product…!!!

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