Essentials Kit


The Essentials Kit

Order the 4 piece kit  and SAVE!

This system can be used on any color of dog. It has been formulated to work on It will  strengthen and hydrate the coat giving back volume, elasticity and minimize breakage and repair damage.  It will enhance the natural colours, with deeper blacks, pearlier whites, amazing silvers  and much richer greys, brown, and tans. Reduces discoloration and a huge PLUS its Hypoallergenic too !

The Essentials Kit comprises 1 each 500ml bottles of :

  • Texture  – 500ml (17oz)
  • Bathe – 500ml (17oz)
  • Revive – 500ml (17oz)
  • Clarify – 500ml (17oz) – Will help you to gently remove excess oils, odor or buildup from silicone products or hairspray while keeping the natural oils needed for a healthy coat. This is not a  harsh clarifying shampoo like other similar products and will not dry out your coats.

This system can be used on softer coats that need some additional texture by using every 3rd bath alternating with Show Salon Spa as your main bathing protocol.

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The Essentials Kit


  • Suitable for Harsh, Wire & Oily Coats
  • Will help heal skin from allergic reactions and help stop irritation
  • Can be used on Humans, Dogs, Cats & Horses.
  • No Build-Up.
  • Co-Washes and Pre treats Hair.
  • Bolsters Hair Tensile Strength and Elasticity.
  • Minimizing Coat Damage and Brush Breakage.
  • Repairs and Revitalizes Damaged Areas.
  • Exfoliates,  Soothes and Deters Irritations.
  • Closes Hair Cuticles for Extended Manageability.
  • Wrestles Matts and Tangles Like No Other.
  • Suitable for Wire and Oily Coats Too.
  • Cost-Effective (Dilutes up to 50:1).

Additional information

Weight 6 lbs
Fragrance: No selection

Fragrance FREE, With Fragrance

1 review for Essentials Kit

  1. kimberly.craig (verified owner)

    Fantastic products! I really appreciate that they offer a fragrance free option, that is important to me. More importantly, they did a great job on my Airedale Terrier’s coat, especially the Revive on her furnishings, and I will continue to use these products exclusively from now on. Thank You Heather for pointing the way!!

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