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Cleanse Show Salon Spa

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CLEANSE  is a Mindfully Formulated for Gentle Cleansing of the Coat and Skin!

(Up to 66:1) A gently acidic protein shampoo that’s easy to apply and very easy to rinse.  Best of all its Hypoallergenic so it is SAFE to use on dogs, cat, horses, livestock, small animals, and on lactating females.

Dilute to preference for desired finish and effect.  Recommended for use after the Renew/Whiten Treatment.



For Best Results – Use together with RENEW, WHITEN, and RESTORE

  • Dilute into distilled water
  • Mix 1 cap /tablespoon/15ml per 500ml (+/- as desired up tp 84:1)
  • Apply on top of RENEW/WHITEN application
  • Massage into coat with a mitt or sponge
  • Rinse – preferably with distilled water for show.  (This won’t take a lot)
  • Dry

ALES, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Hydrolyzed Silk & Wheat Proteins, Glycol Stearate, DMDMH, Aloe Barbadensis, Panthenol (Pro-Vitamin B5), Proprietary Fragrance, FDA Approved Colorant, Sodium Chloride, Vitamins A & E, Citric Acid

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