BAMBINO 4.5 inch Set Straight and Thinner


BAMBINO 4.5 inch Set Straight and Thinne



Bambino are an extremely sharp little set has its uses on  all breeds from Toys to large Working dogs.

The offset shanks are the same size as larger scissors, so are very comfortable and easy to use

1.5″ blades  will  help you work in  smaller areas like:

  • Faces
  • Ears
  • Faces & beards
  • Between toes
  • Around and between pads
  • Sanitary area
  • Thinners will give you a perfect feather edge  and take out bulk in small areas

The pointed tip of the straight has been ground enough so it will not poke the skin, yet is pointed enough to perform.


BAMBINO 4.5″ Set Straight and Thinner


Weight 3.1 lbs


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