Greyhound Comb ARC

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Greyhound Comb ARC 25cm x 3.5cms (7.835” x 1.375”)

This unique curved Arc Greyhound comb which is made for fluffing Heads, Roughs and Legs and ideal for and Spray Ups

  1. 25cms (9.875″) x 1.5″
  2. 20cms (7.835″) x 1.5″

This is built-in 2 pitches, Coarse and Fine.

  • Fluffing.
  • Finishing.
  • Spray Ups.
  • Perfection.
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Greyhound Comb Arc

In 2 sizes this curved Arc comb will curve around your work area to give an even perfect lift.

The 7.5″ version is a 50/50 combination

PLEASE NOTE:  All of our GREYHOUND combs  are owned solely by Ashley Craig Pet Products and have a ‘Registered Trademark under the name of GREYHOUND owned solely by Ashley Craig Pet Products, Inc.   Any combs using the Registered Trademark GREYHOUND on combs are in breach of the  Ashley Craig Pet Products, Inc.,  Registered Trademark.


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