3 Way Knives

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3 Way Knives

The 3 way knives are a concept designed by Ashley Craig many years ago





The 3 way knives are a concept designed by Ashley Craig some years back and are the first of  their  kind.


RED HANDLE NARROW BLADE comes in 2 length blades Original and the Mini.  They have a  Fine – Medium and Ear Knife all on one blade. We now have made the Mini by popular demand the shorter style blade for smaller hands.

With its short teeth will be used for flat work and ideal for working around head, ears, rear and smoothing out transition areas.  Good  for smoothing and working with cowlicks.

No need to down tools anymore when you have them all at hand!

3 WAY PRO wide textured blade CARDING KNIFE  has  3 different edges on each knife.

  • Red knife is XFine tip, Fine and Medium
  • Pink knife XFine tip, Medium or Coarse

This wide style 3 way has a  rough surface making it easier to grip the hair.  It has nice deep grooves on the back for making carding smooth and easy.

PLEASE NOTE:  All of our GREYHOUND knives and tools were designed and are owned solely by Ashley Craig Pet Products and have a ‘Registered Trademark in the name of Ashley Craig Pet Products, Inc.  Any copies of these tools are in breach of our Registered Trademark & Design

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