3-Way Carding and Stripping Knives


3-Way Carding and Stripping Knives

are a similar  tooth specification of our ‘Easy Grip’ knives with the benefit of  fine or medium or medium or coarse all  on a shorter blade, so you only need to purchase one knife. These are ideal for carding and stripping  and easier to get into confined areas. Use bu=y just flipping them over to change between difference teeth types.

This 2 piece set with a grip aid on each side of the blade will enable you to separate and pick up the coat you need to pull the guard hairs or to card out the undercoat.

You don’t have to down tools with the 3 Way knife just roll it in your  hand to use the other side of the blade.

Each 2 piece set will include

  • Extra Fine tip with Fine or Medium
  • Extra Fine top with Medium or Coarse

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