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Greyhound Comb 22 Carat Gold Plated Limited Edition


Greyhound Comb 22 Carat Gold Plated Limited Edition


Limited Edition ‘GREYHOUND VINTAGE’  7.875 x 1.375  20 x 3.5cms

A 22 Carat Gold Plated ‘Greyhound Vintage’ comb has been made to launch the comeback of the comb as it was first made in 1920!


  • 20cm x 3.5cm (7.875″ x 1.375″)
  • This comb can be used for all  coated breeds, with Medium Coarse and Fine Tines
  • Hand drilled and hand polished brass spines with  carbon steel tapered tines
  • Each comb is carefully balanced for your comfort

The Greyhound comb is the forerunner of all Greyhound combs we produce today.  It was born in 1920 in the heart of England and is the Grandmother  of all Greyhound combs.

The manufacturing technique has not changed and each and every one of the Greyhound combs are entirely handmade using the same machinery that our craftsmen have always used. Each of the spines are hand rounded so they will fit comfortable into your palm.  Constructed from high quality metals each tine is placed carefully into the hand drilled drilled spine, polished and plated ready for the final anti static finish then engraved with our famous Greyhound logo.

When you purchase a Greyhound comb, no less than 11 pairs of hands went into making this comb for you. Why not make your Greyhound combs that  extra special and allow us to engrave your name on them for you.


PLEASE NOTE:  All of our GREYHOUND combs were designed and are owned solely by Ashley Craig Pet Products and have a ‘Registered Trademark under the name of GREYHOUND owned solely by Ashley Craig Pet Products, Inc.   Any combs using the Registered Trademark GREYHOUND on combs are in breach of the  Ashley Craig Pet Products, Inc.,  Registered Trademark.

Weight .24 lbs


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