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 A  new breakthrough shampoo formula that DOES NOT CONTAIN SULFATES  or PARABENS

  • Suitable for all Breeds
  • Repairs and Revitalizes Damaged Coat
  • Exfoliates
  • Color Enhancing
  • Hydrates
  • Removes Stains & Odors
  • Strengthens the Coat -
  • Creates Elasticity which minimizes Breakage
  • Closes Cuticles for Optimum Shine, Retains Moisture
  • Wrestles Matts and Tangles
  • Allows Faster Drying
  • No Build Up
  • Colloidal Silver for its Healing Benefits
  • Will Not Soften Coat
  • Hypo Allergenic


  • Alpha Keratin
  • Hydrolized Proteins
  • Vitamins B5 & E
  • Minerals and Salts
  • Colloidal Silver 
  • Aloe Vera
  • Silk Protein
  • Lime & Blueberry Extracts

HOW TO USE - As  ESSENTIALS  is a  unique formula like no other,  below you will find instructions how to obtain the best performance and results.  


Dilute shampoo in DISTILLED WATER using the same method as the TEXTURE conditioner 1 cap  in a 500ml or 16oz spray bottle

TEXTURE FIRST - After conditioning DO NOT RINSE Spray shampoo solution directly onto the pre conditioned coat.

RINSE WELL with DISTILLED WATER when possible  Tap Water can be used to Rinse.

Results will immediately be visible after the first wash while beginning to put the coat back to its genetic quality during the first wash, and will improve daily. You will notice that the coat will have more body, colour, texture volume and shine. In Terrier breeds this will make the hard coat you are looking for.  The conditioner is important for Terriers too as it gets inside the cortex of the hair to replace lost color and  strength with minerals .ESSENTIALS  WILL NOT soften coats.

The drying time will be cut by almost half as the coat continues to improve.  The digestive enzymes can in some breeds take out  50% of stains with in the first wash.

If you are showing your dog

Wash the dog  1 or 2 days pre show.  It is important to keep the coat hydrated now. Hydrate each morning and before brushing.  It is not necessary to rewash the dog the morning of the show, just mist with the hydrating spray.  This should last several days.

Shipping:    We have discounted this product to allow for shipping and local taxes.  If bought locally the price would be exactly the same.  Vendors have to pay shipping to get this product to you and additionally will charge your local taxes and duty if  required.

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