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This is our Story

Inspiring greatness, international trading companies Ashley Craig Pet Products, Inc. USA and Ashley Craig International Ltd. UK reimagine the design and manufacturing of luxury animal grooming products with a colorful twist. After spending several decades in the multimillion-dollar hair and fashion design industry, Ruth Ashley of Ashley Craig stepped out to grow her own personal brand.

Ruth Ashley knows what truly drives high-quality world-class grooming products. This sets her apart from those mass-manufacturers marketing the flavour of the month. Combining, nearly 200 years of hair, design and manufacturing experience, the businesses produce 95% of what they offer to customers.

Understanding how to design and manufacture truly ultra-premium quality grooming tools, everything Ruth Ashley does reflects her commitment to exceptional products.

World-famous, the elegant Greyhound combs are handmade in England by many of the same family members, spanning back over 100 years. They take pride in the craftsmanship and quality of each individual comb.

The European manufacturing process is steeped in tradition as each hand polished pin is precisely placed into a hand-cut spine, polished again and nickel-plated before travelling to California where the final stunning signature color finishes are applied.

Carefully cultivated over decades with the input of many wonderful customers, the product lines connect with the heart-warming animals and consumers they are trying to help.

The Greyhound line continues to expand and complement the exquisite artistry of the custom brushes, Onyx scissor series and hand stripping tools designed exclusively by Ruth Ashley. 

The ONLY manufacturer of these high-quality combs carrying the Greyhound logo, they are never private labelled.

Unmatched styles of ergonomic handles on the brushes and tools, they are made from quality Beech and Olive woods then coated with signature colors.

The exquisite artistry of the Animal Impression brush line is designed by Wendy Reyn. Each custom order brush is engraved inhouse.

These remarkable custom brushes have been sought after by Clubs for their Show Award Trophies for almost two decades.

All the quality tools are unique to Ashley Craig and have earned the right to carry the exclusive Greyhound logo.

Combining traditional techniques, the 2009 Panagenics products evolved into the cutting-edge Essentials Line, followed by the coveted luxury 2011 Show Salon Spa products.

The unmatched technology of the growing 2016 WOW exquisite finishing line products add diversity to all the hypoallergenic products, safe to use on puppies, cats and pregnant females.

Greyhound Combs are an everlasting experience in the exceptional! Everything Ruth Ashley does reflects her persistence for perfection and commitment to her remarkable customers.

"I am constantly adding to our collections and I hope that you enjoy our products for many years to come. The need for the best quality tools and products will always continue and so will our story."

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